For Single and Savvy Moms

For Single and Savvy Moms

This online Shopify shop is my gift to you busy single moms. I have myself been single since 1985. The objective of this shop is to give you simple yet very effective tools that you can use to help you have an abundant life. I have specially created  10 collections which is broadly divided into 2 main groups – Meditations and Imagery. All these have worked for me.

Now a little about my history and why you can listen to me.

I call myself ‘The Silver Crone from Denmark’ Silver because I am 75 and Crone because I have lived life and willing to share my experiences for women who seek guidance. Denmark because I have lived here the last 35 years. My brand is Single and Savvy Mom. I have been single since 1989.

Ever since my cancer in 1998, I have been interested in the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection. But In 2003, I went from a financially successful business woman into personal and business bankruptcy. This was a very dark period for me.

Today, almost 18 years after, I am enjoying prosperity in all aspects of my life including the financial.

To help me get where I am today, I have used many healing modules. In this shop I offer the best processes I have used and have worked for me. I am a strong believer of Self-Healing and The Power of The Subconscious. Both necessary if you want to live the life of your desire.

A little about Reiki Mastery and The Subconscious Release Technique. Both are energy techniques. And I find both fast and effective.

Reiki brought me the awareness of the important of symbols and images and asking for help from Spirit Beings, like Angels of the Reiki Flame, Kwan Yin, Mother Sophia and Archangels Michael & Gabriel.  And SRT, The Subconscious Release Technique brought into my awareness the power of the Subconscious and how to be its best friend. Both I feel, are simple energy process that quickly dissolves the barriers that keep you from having the life you deserve, want and need.

I strongly believe in Self-healing. I strongly believe healing our wounds, those of the root, hara and solar plexus chakra. This healing is important and necessary before you can develop your heart chakra effectively. There, Shelly Best and I have just written the DIY Self-healing, using SRT, The Subconscious Release Technique, to bring out this wonderful tool to women, especially single moms to be masters of their subconscious through SRT, The Subconscious Release Technique.

This book is available on Amazon, both as a paperback and eBook. This is the link to Amazon -

This online Shopify shop is my gift to you busy single moms.  I have specially created  10 collections which is broadly divided into 2 main groups – Meditations and Imagery.

There are 10 collections on the shop. These are:

  1. Alpha-Mind Mediations to Heal traumas of The Wounded Inner Child
  2. Clearing of Subconscious Money Programs that keeps you stuck where you are financially
  3. 25 Power Energy Detoxes that moves your unconscious blocks in 25 common areas of life as a human being. I show you how to heal your emotional wounds, recover the joy and freedom that are our birthright. They restore the spirit of playfulness that I am beginning to appreciate more and more. They are all 15-30 minutes. They are short but very effective, they work directly with your subconscious. Try them. I promise you that you will feel the change very quickly. 
  4. On our Inner Woundings that prevents us from being fully fledged women. These meditation are inspired by channelings by Pamela Kribbe in her book The Forbidden Female Speaks as well as a trip I made with her in April 2018 visiting Aswan & Luxor, Egypt
  5. 5-day Clarity Kickstart Challenge – Becoming Best Friends with your Subconscious
  6. 5-day Clarity Kickstart Challenge – What does it take to be Alpha Mothers & Women?
  7. Power T-shirts with Affirmations that help you sustain your power as Single Moms
  8. Power Mugs with Affirmations that helps you sustain your power as Single Moms
  9. Mugs carrying reiki symbols – I have chosen 6 symbols that I use often on myself as well as when I do healing for others
  10. Bracelet – carrying reiki symbols – I have chosen 6 symbols.

A little on the magical essence of reiki symbols. I call them visible declaration of abundance. They are universal symbols. They are said to come from Infinite Wisdom and they know how to go about going their work.

The essence of the Reiki symbols is so simple that we could express it in one or two sentences, so simple that we often overlook it. They are tools to Focus, Re-awaken and Protection. The magical essence of the symbols is that they are tools to focus our mind upon, to reawaken a specific inner quality of our own True Self. These qualities always have been inside of us; all the symbol does is to call them forth so that we can embody them day and night. Now of course you may ask, what are these qualities? Again it is very simple. Like the essence of the symbols which can be expressed in two sentences, you can express these qualities in two words – Compassion and Wisdom. The more we practice with the Reiki symbols, the more we find over time that we can embody qualities like compassion and wisdom without even thinking about it. As they become even more a part of our human selves, we no longer need to focus on our tools. Our own magical essence – our True Self – will provide all the focus we need.

I have chosen to focus on 6 reiki symbols. And I have chosen to use the Cho Ko Rays, also known as the power symbol to strengthen the power of the main symbols.

SA HAY KEY is known as the mental and emotional symbol. It means God and man is coming together. It is for mental healing. When we clean up our thoughts, the emotions linked are also cleaned. When we alter our thought patterns, we change our whole lives. Bear the symbol and it knows how to go about to do its work.

ZONAR works well with past life, karmic and interdimensional issues (those things we cannot put our finger on). Our cells can carry the memory of trauma, or even ideas that we “brought into” from other lives. Zonar helps to work through and release the karma and pain. Bear the symbol and it knows how to go about to do its work


HARTH is the symbol for love, truth, beauty, harmony and balance. It is a powerful symbol for the heart from which healing and love flow. It is a three-dimensional pyramid to scale. Bear the symbol and it know how to go about its work.


SHANTI is the symbol of Peace. It heals the past so that life can be lived harmoniously in the present, which then releases the future. It is also used for manifesting the best possible. Bear the symbol and it know how to go about its work.

 MARA is a symbol for the earth, and it connects us to earth and the blue electronic energy within earth. It is a symbol for abundance and grounding. It is energized by the Cho Ku Rays. Use the symbol for your bank account, appointment calendar. Bear the symbol and it know how to go about its work.

 MIDASTAR is the symbol for affluence, not just money. Money is only an expression of our power and the vehicle for us to be able to do the things we need and want to do. Bear the symbol and it know how to go about its work

 The series of T-shirts and mugs are done with the main purpose of developing awareness how important it is to have useful thoughts throughout the day, 24/7. It is my hope that when you wear these T-shirts and use these mugs, it will remind you to be conscious of your thoughts and to remind you to stay grateful. The affirmations I choose to focus on are:

  1. We have an amazing destiny
  2. Thank Heaven for Little Babies
  3. I am so blessed. I am loved
  4. You are perfect just the way you are
  5. Grace – I am grateful
  6. We are a blessing to everything we meet 

I am happy, grateful and thankful that the best gift I can give you, A Single Moms,  is the example of my own life working. These are the tools that have worked for me. You have really nothing to loose. Try them, especially the meditations and visualizations. Working in perfect unison with the creative power of the Universe will empower you to manifest spiritual realities in your material existence and vice versa. 

With love and peace always,

Lian, The Silver Crone, Peace and Prosperity Mentor

Here is why you can listen to me:

- SRT Mind & Energy Coach 2019,

-Reiki and Schiem Master Teacher of the Dr.Mikao Usui lineage 2018.

-Law of Attraction Coach from QSCA, USA 2013. 

- Living Your Full Potential – Dr. Jean Houston, 2011

- Feminine Power – Claire Zammit, 2012

-Trained Acupressurist, The Department of Traditional Medicine, Hanoi Medical College, Vietnam 2003

-Ayuverdic Yoga Massage trained by Sidhamo Micheal Johnson 2011

- Hoffman Process – Inner Child 1998

- Certified Healer trained by Charlotte Pedersen of the Bob Moore lineage.

-Businesswoman – Owner Director of Kiki Design AS (closed in 2003).

-Bachelor of Business Studies, London (1967)

  Please, visit my other  website:  This site has a slightly different focus.