The Magical Essence of Reiki Symbols. – For Single and Savvy Moms

The Magical Essence of Reiki Symbols.

As a reiki teacher master, I received recently an impulse to create this range of jewelry. When we adorn ourselves with these jewelry, we are impressing the subconscious that we want, a life of abundance. 

The essence of the Reiki symbols is so simple :

  • They are tools to help you focus your attention and to connect you with special healing frequencies to boost the reiki energy.
  • The magical essence of the symbols are they help your mind re-awaken specific inner qualities of your own True Self, which are Compassion and Wisdom. These qualities always have been inside of us, all the symbol does is to call them forth so that we can embody them day and night

Have fun with them. Let them help you receive what Life wants to give you.

You deserve, You are worthy and You are enough.

Love and Peace,

Lian Henriksen, The Silver Crone from Denmark