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#1 Umbrella SRT releasing Core Programs related to money


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In this meditation, I am going to help you clear/release some of these programs that keep you broke, or always feeling that you are struggling with paying your bills. First we release these self-sabotaging beliefs in your subconscious and then give your subconscious programs that are more beneficial. Once these new programs enter our subconscious mind they have the power to change your life. Do you know that our subconscious is 30.000 times more powerful than our conscious mind?

This Umbrella SRT release will not be releasing the individual emotions attached to the programs but it takes the worse charge/tension away from your body

 You will experience more joy and optimism, and more trust simply by being more relaxed in your body. Your vibrational will be lifted and you will be a magnet to things and people of the same high vibration.