Day 3 - You are energy + Healing Your Pain – For Single and Savvy Moms

Day 3 - You are energy + Healing Your Pain

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Day 3 – Lesson 3/Step #3 – of this 5-day Challenge for Self-Mastery + Self-Leadership

 Today, I would like to bring your awareness of:

  • That You Are Energy 
  • the power of your thoughts
  • Importance of Healing Your Pain

 Shall we start?

 Physic now shows that low frequencies cannot exist within the same space if you are in high frequency. It is called Downward Causation in the Law of Physics.

 We covered this in our masterclass. What I want to do today is to remind you to increase your skill of using your inner bio-computer continually, your internal GPS, your lie-detector, use whatever word talks best to you. Have you practised Muscle Testing since the masterclass?

 What I would like you to do is muscle test your level of consciousness now. There is a set point, and I would like you to be aware of this.


Focus by taking a few deep breathes in and out. 

Connect with Your Magical Space or The Collective Field of Consciousness.

Then ask, at what level of consciousness am I ? IS IT MORE THAN 10 …… go up in the count by ten each time, and at the point, the circles slide open, is the level of consciousness you are 

 Please jot down the number in your notebook and refer to Dr David Hawkins Map of The Vibrational Consciousness.

 Please remember that the figures do not represent arithmetic, but a logarithmic progression – meaning the level 300 is not twice 150. It is 300 to the 10th power (10 300). Therefore, an increase of even a few points represents a significant advance of power.

I will not be going into all the different level of consciousness but two, Fear and Love

What is Fear?

Fear is: it is a vibration of much energy. Fear runs much of the world, spurring endless activity. According to Napolean Hill, there are six major fears, fear of old age or death, rejection, poverty, criticism and losing a loved one.  Social anxieties are the primary motivators in most people’s lives. Fear limits the personality and lead to inhibition. It does take a lot of energy to get out of the vibration of fear.

What is Love?

Love, as depicted on mass media, is not the love level 500 implies. The 500 level love which we are talking about is unconditional, unchanging and permanent. It does not fluctuate. It is a way of relating to the world that forgiving, nurturing, and supportive. Love that emanates from the heart is not a mind thing. This level of love lifts others.

I just love this image

What stops one from going from FEAR to LOVE? 

It is our thoughts, our thought patterns. Our thoughts are mighty.

It is personal, but I believe LOVE is our Natural Flow. When our body's cells are flowing with pure consciousness and the Divine Light, all is well, and everything is humming. You are in motion, set about your purpose and living your life.

When there is a disturbance to that natural flow, you will begin to experience subtle signs of illness or lack of equilibrium. Sometimes, the disorder will be just enough to slow down the natural flow of movement in the body. This slowing down, a simple change of speed, is a movement out of harmony. The same is true when the natural pace is increased.

The body is adaptable and built to withstand periods of moving out of equilibrium. So it is when the change of flow becomes habitual that there starts to give harmful effects. We begin getting dis-ease.

 What causes disturbances to the natural flow?

 It is the mind's patterns and their emotional and energetic imprints that cause a disturbance in the natural flow. And this is important to know what THOUGHT-FORM is causing disharmony and you will always know this through how you feel.

Often you are not aware of the THOUGHT FORM that is causing you disharmony because it has become an ingrained habit. Thought-forms that are disharmonious can cause a great deal of stress in the body. This will then limits you from your receiving helpful and pure thoughts. Remember, disharmonious thought forms that do not help produce so-called ‘Happy Hormones’ Dopamine, Oxytoxcin, Serotin, and Endrophine. 

 Left unattended, disharmonious thought forms that cause slowing down or a speeding up of the natural flow, can begin to change the cell behaviour in certain areas in the body. The cells are no longer receiving and transmitting perfect communication with the whole and are no longer perfectly in concert with the whole. When this is the case - illness can results.

 It is always possible to dissolve physical symptoms by clarifying the energetic thought forms that patterned the disharmony, to begin with. When that thought-form and patterning is identified, felt and successfully dissolved through awareness, the physical manifestation often disappears in due course.


It is the repetition of thought-forms and how they find a home in you that leads to illness and disharmony. All our thought-forms come from our life experiences.

I am such a strong advocate of The Subconscious Release Technique because it helps to identify destructive thought-forms. In SRT, they are called programs.

Let us continue. Allow me to bring up the importance of Healing our pain and wounds

 What is healing?

 It is for me, essentially, healing our wounds to come out of victimhood and remember we are light and love in our essence.  

 You are here with me now because you want to vibrate in the frequency of love, and, somehow, you feel you are not quite there. Do you think that something is holding you back? Let me tell you that you are not alone in this. 

 Although I have been doing this inner work for years now, it is still too easy for me to fall into the vibration of Fear, Anger, Shame and Guilt. I have accepted this as a part of life. After all, we are spirits that have taken a human form to clear the trauma from this present life and our blood ancestry. 

 I hope you have had the opportunity to peep into my e-book DIY Self-healing using SRT, Subconscious Release Technique, which I have given you as a bonus. The book's foreword explains what I did when I received an impulse changed the name of the book from Self-Mastery to Self-healing. I knew there was a reason but did not know why. So I asked for help through the Osho Zen Tarot Cards. And when shuffling the card that just jumped out of the pack, was this. 




The message from The King of Waters is:

  1. It is time when the deeply buried wounds of the past are coming to the surface, READY and AVAILABLE to be healed
  2. When we are under the influence of The King of Waters, we are no longer hiding from ourselves or others. In this attitude of openness and acceptance, we will be healed, and in the process, help others to be healthy and whole
  3. With our ego, our whole being is a wound. And we carry it around
  4. Understand nobody is interested in hurting you. Nobody is positively waiting to hurt you. Everyone is engaged in safeguarding her wounds.
  5. But still, it happens because we are so ready to be wounded, so watchful, just waiting on the brink for it to happen.
  6. Be aware of your wound; don’t let it grow. It is the time your wounds get healed.
  7. You will heal when you move away from the mind and move to the roots and the heart
  8. Live a “headless” life, move as a total being and accept things as they come.

YES, this is what is healing. By healing our wounds, we can come out of victimhood and fear and move into the Vibration of Love.

 Then we can live in PEACE, PURITY, PROSPERITY, HARMONY and ESSENTIAL HARMLESSNESS in the Feeling Side of Life.

 Heal Your Wounds and Dissolve Your Pain Body within.

 What is essential to know as far as our pain is concerned are

  • Use the time you have with me NOW to confront your deepest pain, to meet it fully here and now, greet it with an embrace and wholeheartedly welcome it, shying away from none of it, and in so doing, that pain will evaporate.
  • Address your pain, not at the level of mind/intellect where the same painful thoughts swirl about painfully, but at the level of energy surrounding that energetic patterning with your presence
  • Presencing –means THE ACTIVE FOCUS OF YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS TOWARDS THAT SENSATION OF PAIN you have now or that comes when you are triggered.
  • By focusing on the pain with your consciousness, the pain will dissolve, and it re-patterns
  • Energy does not disappear, but it changes to another form. From fear to anger, for example. It is always interesting and useful to refer to the Level of Consciousness Map when doing this work.
  • PAIN is an energy patterning that hurts. Remember, it is only an energy patterning, and all our energy is designed to shift from one form to another quite quickly.
  • We are all in the habit of feeding our pain by re-peating our mental story – especially unwittingly the mental story of the inner child, that part of you that is still between 2-12.
  • Unfortunately, we all have a compulsion to feed our pain with our mental energy, for example, to argue with another. 
  • When we notice we are feeding our pain – stop, choose something else to focus.
  • Each of us can dissolve our pain, meaning dissolve our own emotions. It is our birthright. We are all emotionally responsible. 
  • I believe that true maturity/adulthood is the ability to process strong emotions with an intensity of presence and without harming someone else.
  • And I go further to say that you will be forever trapped by suffering and drama until you learn to do this.
  • Self-deception #103, it that you think it is the “duty/job” of others to “save” you and make you feel good. But the truth is that only we can heal ourselves emotionally.

 What to do with other people’s pain when someone “attacks” you with their pain. 

  • You must dissolve whatever pain in you before you can bring harmony to them or be of service to them.
  • Please do not buy into their story. Just listen without saying anything. 
  • You might like, however, to be aware of what their story is triggering in you.

 Let us do an SRT releasing – on these programs – Thoughtforms

  • I like clinging to my childhood story of victimhood. (for example, I am invisible, I am not good enough, I am abandoned” and/or
  • I like hanging on to my pain
  • I don’t want to get off my comfort zone

For your homework, I suggest you muscle test them and test which negative and positive emotions are linked to it.

Remember the question you ask yourself after connecting with your silence within and/or The Collective Field of Consciousness is, Do I have this mindset? Yes if you interlocking circles of your fingers will open when you muscle test and NO,you don’t have these mindsets is when the interlocking circles slip when you muscle test.

Shall we begin: I am going to do a general release on all three and I will release specific emotions on “I like hanging on my pain” Okay

Breath In and Focus on your heart.

I release all positive and negative emotional blocks with … I like clinging to my childhood story of victimhood exhale  x 3

I release all positive and negative emotional blocks with … I like hanging on with my pain … exhale x3

I release all positive and negative emotional blocks with …. I don’t want to get off my comfort zone.. exhale x3

Let us release negative emotions with …. I like hanging on to my pain

  1. Aggression
  2. Anger
  3. Disbelief
  4. Embarrassment
  5. Grief
  6. Guilt
  7. Jealousy
  8. Pride
  9. Resistance
  10. Stress

Let is release the positive:

  1. Appreciation
  2. Creativity
  3. Faith
  4. Hope
  5. Love
  6. trust

Let us take some powerful filler

I am so HGT that I can presence pain

I am so HGT that I am mature to embrace all my pain

I am so HGTgt that I embrace all my emotions the good the bad and the ugly

I am so HGT that my past experiences have made me the person today

I am so HGT that I am totally responsible for my own vibrational frequencies

I am HGT that I wake up every morning feeling good.

I am HGT that I loved being loved

I am HGT that I feel at ease about life

I am HGT that I am becoming an Alchemist of Golden Consciousness

 This is the best way to be a mental alchemist – Repatterning of consciousness. The chemical compound in your cells itself is re-arranged. With a new patterning of consciousness, a new behaviour will arise easily and as a result of your new behaviour, new circumstances will arise too. This is the natural spiritual law of things

For those who will not feel overwhelmed by too much homework, please listen to the meditation on your wounded inner child.

See you at the Q&A. Please remember there is two