Inner Child and The 3 questions on feeliing, needs and desires – For Single and Savvy Moms
Inner Child and The 3 questions on feeliing, needs and desires

Inner Child and The 3 questions on feeliing, needs and desires

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A wonderful way of connecting with our Inner Child. 

What exactly is this so-called inner child? Does it truly exist? And why should we care?

To begin with, the inner child is real. Not literally. Nor physically. But figuratively, metaphorically real. It is a psychological or phenomenological reality, and an extraordinarily powerful one at that. Indeed, most mental disorders and destructive behavior patterns are, more or less related to this unconscious part of ourselves.

We were all once children, and we still have that child dwelling within us.

In each of us, there is a young, suffering child. We have all had times of difficulty as children and many of us have experienced trauma. To protect and defend ourselves against future suffering, we often try to forget these painful times. Every time we are in touch with the experience of suffering, we believe we can’t bear it, and we stuff our feelings and memories deep down into our unconscious mind. It may be that we haven’t had to face this child for decades.

But just because we have ignored the child doesn’t mean she or he isn’t there. The wounded child is always there, trying to get our attention. The child says: “I am here. I am here. You can't avoid me.” We want to end our suffering by sending the child to a deep place inside of us and staying as far away as possible. But running away doesn’t end our suffering, it only prolongs it.

The wounded child asks for care and love, but we often do the opposite. We run away because we are afraid of suffering. The block of pain and sorrow feels overwhelming. Even if we have time, we don’t come home to ourselves. We keep our selves constantly entertained-—watching TV or movies, socializing, or using alcohol or drugs-—because we don’t want to experience suffering again.

The wounded child is there. The wounded child is a reality. The wounded child is in every cell of our body. We don’t have to look far into the past for that child;, we only have to look deeply and we can be in touch with her them. The suffering of that wounded child is lying inside us right now in this present moment. You just have to be aware of her. When we do that, we will feel great compassion for ourselves and we can generate self-love and awaken the latent wisdom within ourselves. That energy will embrace us and heal us, and it will also heal the wounded child within.

Enjoy connecting with your inner child!