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Jeshua. What brings you Joy? Aswan, Egypt April 2018


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Dear Friends,

I am Jeshua. I am your brother and friend. We are on the same path. I was a human being on Earth!  And I tried to bring down the Christ Energy, the energy of awareness and compassion. I tried to bring it down on Earth, expressing my Soul’s energy with this. I was also on an inner journey, like you. I wasn’t perfect. I was trying to bring down, to express the energy of the Heart in an age, in a time where this was brand new. It was not anchored on Earth as it is now. And because I was bringing in something very new, opposing energies were awakened as well. In a way, I forced myself into the collective energy at that time, because, change was needed. Some people understood the message/energy that I was bringing in but in some, it created a lot of fear and resistance. In a way, this is still the case. And it is the reason why many of you have fear to express your unique soul’s energy, because of the reaction it may create in the outside world. You also carry soul memories, inside of you, of being severely rejected for expressing your true self. What happened to me, the way I was persecuted and killed, has in a way happened to all of you in past lives. You have all in some way, been deeply touched by the Christ energy, the energy of love and awareness. You woke up at some stage of your evolution as your Soul, and by being on Earth, you were touched deeply by heart-centred awareness and you took this inspiration inside of you. It is like you were tasting a new reality and you could not forget about it. You had a taste from the essence of love and freedom and it wouldn’t let you go, and after this happened when you returned to Earth in several lifetimes, there was this memory inside of you, this inner knowing, that you had to go there. It could present itself as a feeling of homesickness or deep sadness, about something essential, about something lacking in this world, in your life.

 Often, and also in this life-time, you have felt you don’t fit in, you somehow are different and you have trouble understanding what you are doing here, what is your natural place in society on Earth. But this sense of not fitting in, this sense of alienation, of this feeling of not belonging, is actually a calling from your Soul. This calling is waking you up,  making you remember, that you are here, bringing something new as I did in the past. You have the same mission.

However before you can become fully aware of it, and before you can feel the joy and the freedom in it, you suffer a lot, because every human being wants to feel connected, wants to fit in with the community around you, with your parents, with your family, with your friends

But in order to fulfil your mission, you need to step out, at some point in your life>>>