SRT Releasing of Program 'Monthly Money Goals" – For Single and Savvy Moms
SRT Releasing of Program 'Monthly Money Goals"

SRT Releasing of Program 'Monthly Money Goals"

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There are 5 categories of money, (1) Income, (2) Savings, (3) Debts, (4) Money Goals and (5) Toxic money. Different categories have different programs attached to it. In this release, I am concentrating on Money and Wealth Goals.


Income and wealth goals

It is called a type of money because it reveals a whole new set of emotions, limiting beliefs and fears.  The reality is, no matter how high or low your current income is, it matches your inner belief about the value of your time and energy. When you try to go beyond that to increase your income with a goal in mind, you will feel resistance.

Setting an income goal is the first step to changing your financial picture. Yet most people avoid it because the emotions and limiting beliefs start once you start pushing your limits. If you are self-employed or own your own business, not taking this step is going to cost you money  

 This is a 15-minute exercise releasing the program ‘ what it will take to neutralize my monthly money goals’  The exercise uses SRT, The Subconscious Release Technique, a breath technique

Just follow the instructions given. Stay in your body. Holding your breath is important. Breathe in as deeply as it is possible

The fillers I have used are:

  1. I am so HGT that my supply is endless, inexhaustible, immediate and come to me under grace and in perfect ways
  2. I am so HGT that I put 100% of all my energy into a single worthy idea
  3. I am so HGT that when wealth comes to me it is the direct result of the service I render to other people
  4. I am so HGT that I have a grateful heart that keeps attracting all the things I deeply desire
  5. I am so HGT I have always more than enough money
  6. I am so HGT I spend money under direct inspiration wisely and fearlessly, knowing my supply is endless
  7. I am so HGT that money comes to me in increasing quantities from multiple sources in a continuing basis
  8. I am so HGT for everything I receive

Enjoy. Please repeat as often as you find necessary