What is Human Nature? – And The Dragons? – For Single and Savvy Moms

What is Human Nature? – And The Dragons?

This year 2024, the year of the dragon, and it brings me to the question why the dragons were used by Christian monks throughout Europe, Taoist monks in China, Buddhist monks in Japan, Hindus in India and Muslims in Arabia? Why these mythical beasts? Why have they been so extraordinarily uniting and international?

According to Dr. Scott Peck in his book, The Different Drum, “The reason is that dragons are symbols of human beings. And as mythical symbols, they say something very important about the basic truths of human nature. We are snakes with wings, worms that can fly. Reptilelike, we slink close to the ground and are mired in the mud of our animal nature and the muck of our cultural prejudices. Yet, like birds, we are also spirit, capable of soaring in the heavens, transcending, at least for moments, our narrow-mindedness and sinful proclivities.” So it is as Dr. Scott Peck writes, our task is to come to terms with our dragon hood, to decide whether we want to exercise the more slothful or more spiritual aspect of our nature.

The Sophia Dragons 777, introduced in The Sophia Codes, are here to help. I like this idea and I have chosen to believe that we woman are ready to re-connect with our unlimited divine nature. I believe we are ready to ready for clearing the global viral belief systems that keep us enslave to voracious lies.


With Peace & Prosperity.

Geok-Lian Chew-Henriksen

The Silver Crone, from Denmark.

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