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About Us

 Welcome to For Single and Savvy Moms Store

Your #1 spot for Single Savvy Moms. Being a single mom myself of 2 children for almost 30 years, I wished I had the support of other single mothers, a group where we can share. Join my Facebook Group 

I am today a big believer of re-learning how to receive and what it means to receive.

At The Tycoons of Wealth 2017, Johannesburg, South Africa, JT Foxx World’s #1 Success Coach says " I have never seen a woman quit on her kids, but I see so many women quit on themselves. Why?”

Don’t quit on yourself! You deserve to live your full potential and be a light not only for your children but others in your circle.

As I believe you have your own answers, I have created a series of meditations and releasing using a technique called SRT, the subconscious release technique, to help you work with your subconscious and the mind sets that sit there.

I thrive also to bring you the best products to increase your vibrations through symbols, reiki symbols and affirmations, great messages to your subconscious so that have a best freind and faithful servant.

I pride myself  in giving unique products  and top notch service. If you have questions, feel free to connect at any time. Please send your questions to email support@singleandsavvymom.com or lian.henriksen2009@gmail.com

Browse around and have some fun. Some meditations that are completely free.