Lian Henriksen – For Single and Savvy Moms

Lian Henriksen is my experience that very few people, like their family and friends, to know that they go for 'healing'  Therefore, I have created this shop. This digital shop is all about Do-It-Youself  Self Healing using easy-to-learn energy techniques. People can heal themselves by listening to these audios.

There is a misinterpretation of what healing is. Yet there is a need for healing today. So what is Healing?

What happens when someone "gets well"? The person feels better. And what happens when a person feels better, is that person can connect again with their inner light (the part of you that knows and understands), their own greater self. This connection has a healing effect on all layers of the self – the emotional, physical and mental levels.

In these meditations and releases, by just listening and following my voice, I am providing you with an energy space which enables you to re-connect to your inner light, that part of you that knows and understands.

I can offer you this space because I have already made this connection by going through my challenges at a deep emotional level. I am still involved in my personal growth process, yet parts of my energy field have become so clear that they can heal you.

I have a frequency at my disposal, an energetic vibration which holds the solution to your problems, and I offer this to you. That is all I am doing, nothing else. This energy opens up the possibility for you to 'remember' what you already know to connect to your inner light, to your intuition. It is this remembrance that allows the healing to happen.

But the choice is yours, whether or not to assimilate the energy I offer. True healing is this simple.

Listen to as many meditations and many clearings as possible so that you can uncover for yourself old belief systems that are no longer serving you and are holding you back. I have healed myself at a deep emotional level, the challenges in these products cover.

As this testimonial from my Client confirms, "Lian, I am forever grateful for your help in initiating deep insight and deep introspection within me ".

If you need clearing of your special challenges,  please join my 1-on-1 masterminds. 

With Love and Peace,

Lian Henriksen.  I have called myself 'The Recovering Superwoman', 'The Sassy Goddess Maker', and 'Single and Savvy Mom'.  But today I call myself The Silver Crone from Denmark. Silver, because I am 78 and Crone because I have lived life and am willing to share my experiences with women who seek my guidance. Denmark because I have lived here for the last 44 years.     

Here Is Why You Can Listen To Me:

- SRT Mind & Energy Coach 2019,

 -Reiki and Schiem Master Teacher of the Dr.Mikao Usui lineage 2018.

 -Law of Attraction Coach from QSCA, USA 2013.

 - Living Your Full Potential – Dr. Jean Houston, 2011

 - Feminine Power – Claire Zammit, 2012

 -Trained Acupressurist, The Department of Traditional Medicine, Hanoi Medical College, Vietnam 2003

 -Ayuverdic Yoga Massage trained by Sidhamo Micheal Johnson 2011

 - Hoffman Process – Inner Child 1998

 - Certified Healer trained by Charlotte Pedersen of the Bob Moore lineage.

 -Businesswoman – Owner Director of Kiki Design AS (closed in 2003).

 -CSIS, Equivalent of Bachelor of Business Studies, London (1967)