#28 - Releasing Psychic Debris Within – For Single and Savvy Moms
#28 - Releasing Psychic Debris Within

#28 - Releasing Psychic Debris Within

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What is psychic debris?  They are any disharmonies or ill intentions harbored, conscious or unconscious, between people. They must be cleared. Because these energies can be felt and sometimes unconsciously even translated into actions. This exercise is an easy way of letting them go. Otherwise, more disharmonious energies will manifest and build up throughout the project or with connections and will eventually become unruly and chaotic. Besides, it also stops us from clarity in a given situation.

Notice what pops up for you when you hear her name! Notice what pops up when you listen to what others say about her!. What thoughts surface? Even thoughts like that woman is growing old fast! Notice your thoughts! Next, notice what it does to your body? Does your body feel contracted?

Fillers used for impressing your sub-conscious are:

  1. I am so HGT that the space I have between others and me is cleared of psychic debris
  2. I am so HGT that I am spacious to receive other people’s way of being
  3. I am so HGT that I have arisen my earliest life experiences.
  4. I am so HGT that I can set my limits and boundaries.
  5. I am so HGT that all are welcomed here.
  6. I am so HGT that I always have the right words.
  7. I am so HGT that it is safe to speak my truth.
  8. I am so HGT that I allow myself to feel peace.
  9. I am so HGT that I am a blessing to all and everything I meet.
  10. I am so HGT that my heart is in everything I do.