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Becoming A Fully-Fledged Woman - A 15-minute energy exercise - Key #2


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I believe you will through this exercise find your balance between the divine masculine and feminine energies within yourself. I find most women still would like to be a relationship with an "equal" man.  

The fillers used in this exercise:

I am HGT that I am compassionate and self-confident

I am HGT that I respond with awareness

I am HGT that I am resilient at all time

I am HGT that I have inner strength

I am HGT that I know both my divine masculine and feminine energies within

I am HGT that I am kind, gentle and harmonious

I am HGT that I am collaborative and inclusive

I am HGT that I know how to set my boundaries

I am HGT that I believe I deserve all that life gives me

I am HGT that I am closely connected with my inner wisdom

I am HGT that I am economically independent

I am HGT that I am wonderful and capable person

I am HGT that I allow my light within to shine


This is a channelled message: Advice to the modern woman of the next 50 years.  I find it rather amusing but very useful, though I must confess I don't know quite what to do with it except sharing it here

 Women have become stronger. Today, they are almost equal – or perhaps even stronger – than men. Still, a lot of women are still only “playing with the toys” that men have created. Men are good builders, toy-makers and engineers. Women are working together, and have great fun working in social work environments.  

The problem is, that many women become lost in a labyrinth, made of an infrastructure they did not help create. Men created the infrastructure (roads, houses, cars, computers, internet, governments, multinational organizations and societies) Women are good at “filing” this infrastructure but are also lost.

Women have found a “great treasure” or able to earn a very good living on their own. But they are seldom good at harvesting the “gold”. They are trying to open the combination lock of a “grand safe”, but are unable to open it. This leads to a lot of frustration.

Advice for women would be to get out of their little nests and seek out men who are “playing with their own little toys”. Men need to be admired for what they do, but hate being patronized.

Men of the future are still the builders of infrastructure. Women must not forget that whatever nest they have made for themselves would be impossible without the hard work of men.

Women can find great joy seeking out men who are playful, hardworking and enthusiastic about their work. This will help women get out of their little nests, and perhaps have new and wonderful adventures.