Becoming A Joy Sparkler with SRT, The Subconscious Release Technique

Becoming A Joy Sparkler with SRT, The Subconscious Release Technique

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‘Be sparklers of the world’, igniting one another and spreading joy.

Our heart desires joy, lightness freedom and play. Our heart is designed for joy.

Who are the people in your life who consistently spark joy in you? Those who do, bring you a great gift.

 Be that gift to others. When we bring joy to others, we lightened them from the burden of  vicious thought cycles

Joy interrupts these patterns and lifts us out of these dense habits of thinking feeling and being.  It opens us to new possibilities and gives us a breath of fresh air. Joy is direct contact with the Divine.

Joy is delicate and cannot be forced. Every time it arises, it is a gift to be enjoyed, cherished and celebrated.

Moments of joy are treasures. The people in our life who spark joy in us are treasures. The presence of joy in a relationship indicates that the very essence of us and the essence of the other are speaking a language of light.

These relationships are to be treasured, protected and cultivated so that those sparks of joy have space and possibilities to rise again and again at various other moments.

Joy must be protected. It can only arise in conditions where there is an underlying safety and where there is a meeting of our deeper emotional and physical well-being. Establishing safety and trust, are the prerequisite that makes joy possible. When someone brings you joy, this means that you trust them and feel safe with them. It is a great gift to bring safety, trustworthiness and trust.

We protect our joy by staying in connection with our emotions and needs and honouring them. We must not numb ourselves with alcohol, sex, food or any pleasure-inducing substance. True joy cannot be forced. It can only be found when we are sober.