Becoming A Sassy Goddess - A SUPER LOVER OF LIFE – For Single and Savvy Moms
Becoming A Sassy  Goddess - A SUPER LOVER OF LIFE

Becoming A Sassy Goddess - A SUPER LOVER OF LIFE

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The journey as A RECOVERING SUPERWOMAN took me 13 years. This was what it took to regain my self-confidence after my bankruptcy in 2003.  In 2017, I wrote my autobiography, Becoming a Sassy Goddess, A Super Lover of Life. Turning Your Fears and Disempowering Patterns to Self-Determination. Everything written in my book still applies, except the signature program, The Sassy Goddess Breakthrough - which was a physical group workshop. Currently I only do 1-on-1 Masterminds.

I hope you will not enjoy reading this short book, but be inspired by it.

xx Lian, The Silver Crone from Denmark

☺🤩A Feed Back & Testimonial from Shelly Best, Brisbane, Australia, A friend and a client

Within the first few pages I was ignited by Lian’s interpretation of a ‘Sassy Goddess’, resonating with every fibre of my being, a woman who is saucy, sensual and unstoppable, a woman of courage, conviction and certitude of self worth, a superlover of life, herself and others, connected to her sexuality, sensuality, tuned into her life force and connected to her divinity, and upon reading Lian’s story, understood how through adversity , oppression, and an undistinguishable quest for the meaning of life, Lian can sit with you, authentic in her life experience, and with her wealth of knowledge challenge and inspire you to find your inner Sassy Goddess too.

Growing up under a state of emergency where death lurked around every corner in an environment where male children were preferred to the female, the high’s of being one of most highly paid women in Denmark, and the lows, being as poor as a church mouse, her insistent questioning for the meaning of life would lead Lian to work with some of the worlds most respected Masters, to create the principles that have been a tremendous service to her, and which she now offers to woman who are ready to reclaim the power of their divine creativity and inner wisdom and become the Sassy Goddesses they were born to be.

I have had the privilege of being mentored by Lian, and have experienced first hand the benefits of Lian holding my feet to the fire, challenging deep rooted neural pathways that released me from self-sabotaging emotional and behavioural patterns and transforming my mindset from one of inadequacy, confusion and stagnation to finding my purpose. 

Lian’s passion and insistence for self-forgiveness and compassion opens a space for you to experience a level of self love that is truly transformational, which I believe is a remarkable and unique gift specific to Lian’s experience and wisdom that she brings to this world.

If you are ready to uncover your unique gift, your best self, then I would highly recommend you connect with Lian, my personal work with Lian has been life changing, and I have every expectation that Lian will help you create your own personal blueprint to your Sassy Goddess and success.


💛💙💚A testimonial from a client, Ingrid Fischer, CPC,Certified Life Coach and Quantum Energetic Disciplines TM practitioner. 

“After  the privilege of meeting Lian Henriksen, and accepting her mentorship which is a true blessing in my life, I had the opportunity to read her book Becoming a Sassy Goddess.  I am impressed with the courage and self honesty with which she writes. This is a true  story of The Heroine's Journey”