Key#11 - Releasing Failed Relationship – For Single and Savvy Moms
Key#11 - Releasing Failed Relationship

Key#11 - Releasing Failed Relationship

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I believe if the program Failed Relationships is not released, we will find it difficult to open our hearts

Fillers used in this clearing:

Let us do some fillers:

I am HGT that it is safe for me to let go of a friendship that I didn’t enjoy anymore

I am HGT that I can have boundaries with friends

I am HGT that I allow myself new friendships

I am HGT that I allow myself to invest my energy in new friends.

I am HGT that I am able to manifest friends that support me

I am HGT that I think of friendships as a womb: a sacred place within which I can be fed and grown into who I am meant to be

I am HGT that I allow my light within me to glow, to attract new friends.