Key#14 - Daily Routine - Releasing Your Disharmonious Thought-Forms – For Single and Savvy Moms
Key#14 - Daily Routine - Releasing Your Disharmonious Thought-Forms

Key#14 - Daily Routine - Releasing Your Disharmonious Thought-Forms

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Your daily routine – Clearing disharmonious thought forms

Do not welcome and entertain disharmonious thought-forms. Remove them immediately by this simple method.

I encourage you to make this a daily practice of clearing for overall health and functioning as a human being. Think of it in the same way that you, with your daily practice of brushing your teeth or taking a shower.  You know you get dirty daily and need to be cleaned again and again.

So it is with the patterning of consciousness in your mind. Every day we are picking up though forms that are disharmonious and destructive. And if not cleared causes all sorts of ailments and disharmony on mental, emotional and physical levels, which are translated into disharmony in one’s life, relationships, work and financial well being. Look at your disharmonious thought-forms it this way, it is like cancer. Too many disharmonies thought forms, eat up our energy.

It is important to process energies and emotions as they arise. Sit down, if possible and allow the thoughts to bubble up from the subconscious, just as bubbles arise from the muddy bottom of a muddy pond. Let the bubbles rise. As long as you do not latch onto the thought and then play it like a record, it will release and disappear, just like bubbles emerging from the muddy water. It arise, and then pop, disappear and dissolve. Let this process of witnessing the arising and dissolving of thoughts be easy. Whenever you notice yourself caught up in a train of thought that has captured your attention, allow yourself to release it with ease and without judgement.  

Nobody is free of daily challenges!

Welcome to a 20 - minute exercise using the Subconscious Release Technique,  to clear “my disharmonious thought-forms within”  and the emotions linked with “current thought form you are pre-occupied with”

Here are the fillers:

  1. I am so HGT that I can give my disharmonious thoughts to The All
  2. I am so HGT that I am personalizing my relationship with The All
  3. I am so HGT that my subconscious is my soul friend
  4. I am so HGT that I don’t need to do anything now
  5. I am so HGT that I am neutralized to make useful decisions
  6. I am so HGT that I am in peace and inner harmony with my decision.
  7. I am so HGT that I release my disharmonious thoughts with ease and without judgement
  8. I am so HGT that I am alive
  9. I am so HGT that I am a blessing to all and everything I meet