Self-Mastery is the Leadership of Self. What stops you? – For Single and Savvy Moms
Self-Mastery is the Leadership of Self. What stops you?

Self-Mastery is the Leadership of Self. What stops you?

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How we see our future is very much connected to how well you are able to heal your wounds. Wounds are physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  If we don’t heal our wounds, we consciously or unconsciously build a wall around our heart and at worst, close our heart completely. And when our hearts are closed, it will be almost impossible to know your own divinity and our inner potentials for peace, freedom and mastership over yourself.


  1. The work shop will open with a round where participants will tell their story and how destiny brought you to Souls Land (Sjælland) and how you feel and see your future here as a woman of substance & grace.
  2. I will share with you the 2 energy healing processes: (i) how to use Dr. David Hawkins's Map of Consciousness, and (ii) how to self-heal using the ‘prayers’ of The Court of Atonement using a pendulum and dowsing charts. And we will focus on three questions:
    1. Soul-Living – Are you well connected with your Soul? Are you in alignment with your soul's purpose? Do you want to know your Life Purpose?
    2. How do you take your power back?
    3. What is causing The Problem? We focus on Your Health. 
  3. Light Dinner

Date: Saturday 18th May 2024

Time:  14.00 to 21.00

Place: Rentemestervej 21E, 2400

Price: 195 kr for light refreshments at the break and vegetarian dinner and printed material.

Requirement: Get yourself a pendulum.