SRTMoney#3- Releasing The Fear of Poverty – For Single and Savvy Moms
SRTMoney#3- Releasing The Fear of Poverty

SRTMoney#3- Releasing The Fear of Poverty

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Our Fear of running out of money, the Fear of poverty and being miserable,  is the pre-occupation many of us have. This becoming a vicious circle that is about the strangle us and we cannot breathe? The current 2020 world situation is triggering a lot of fear in this aspect of living, the fear of poverty.

This 15-minute SRT release on the Fear of Running out of money, the fear of poverty uses the SRT Umbrella Technique to put the emotions around these traits into neutrality so that we can avoid the Fight -Flight- Freeze syndrome. This will release energy for us to focus on the next action we need to take to stay healthy and wealthy.

The fillers used are:

  • I am so HGT that I have more than enough of everything I need
  • I am so HGT that excellent and positive things continue to happen in my life
  • I am so HGT that I spend money wisely and fearlessly, under direct inspiration, know my supplying is endless.
  • I am so HGT that I am moving in the right direction
  • I am so HGT that I am accepting and embracing whatever comes my way.
  • I am so happy, grateful for the harmony and inner peace within me.

Do you know that Fear of Poverty does the following to us?

  1. It is sufficient to destroy our chances of achievement in any undertaking.
  2. paralyses the faculty of reason,
  3. destroys the faculty of imagination,
  4. kills self-reliance,
  5. undermines enthusiasm,
  6. discourages initiative,
  7. leads to uncertainty of purpose,
  8. encourages procrastination, wipes out enthusiasm
  9. and makes self-control an impossibility.

So what are the programs connected with this Fear of poverty? There are 7. They are:

  1. Expecting poverty instead of demanding riches – have you that programs?
  2. Indifference (– which is commonly expressed through lack of ambition, willingness to tolerate poverty, acceptance of whatever compensation life may offer without protesting, mental and physical laziness, lack of initiative, imagination, enthusiasm and self-control.)
  3. Indecision –( the habit of permitting others to do your thinking. Staying on the fence.)
  4. Doubt –( generally expressed as excuses to explain for one's failure. Sometimes it is shown in the form of envy of those who are successful or by criticising them.)
  5. Worry – usually represented by finding fault with other neglect of personal appearance, scowling and frowning, nervousness, self- conscious and lack of self- reliance. Kill the habit of worry, in all its form, by reaching a blanket decision that nothing which life has to offer is worth the price of worrying. With this decision come poise, peace of mind, and calmness of thought which will bring happiness
  6. over-caution – the habit of looking for the negative side of every circumstance, thinking and talking of possible failures instead of concentrating upon the means of succeeding. Knowing all the roads to disaster but never searching for the plans to avoid failure. Always waiting for the right time.
  7. Procrastination - the habit of putting off until tomorrow that would have been done last year